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Next Community Meeting:  Tues, February 3rd

Our next community meeting will take place at the Rec Center at 7pm on Tuesday, February 3rd.  Please join us!

Opportunity to Support Safety in Pleasant Ridge


One Issue that is key now and in our plans for 2015 is to expand on the first set of community owned and operated security cameras. Whilst we are not able to claim an arrest as yet in the attack on Kinkaid in August, there is no doubt that our cameras were key in identifying the attackers. Without this, we would not know who these guys were and the police would be unable to even consider getting a conviction.

The existing system required an initial outlay of just under $4,000 and we are assuming the next would be approximately the same. In addition, the monthly cost of internet connections will also need a funding strategy.

Comments from the Detective investigating the incident on Kinkaid…

“…….. As far as the camera situation near Ridge and Montgomery, ANY cameras would be a plus. There are no existing cameras in that area that capture outside.  ….. I know of no cameras filming that intersection in any direction….. “

If you wish to assist with this (or any other project), we welcome donations of any size to our Paypal account. Click here to donate through Paypal. The PAYPAL button is also located on the left hand side of this page. You can ‘earmark’ donations for specific projects e.g. “Safety”, or “Cameras”, or “Benches” etc by making a note on the Paypal submission. If your employer does match, please don’t forget to do that also. At the end of the year many of us might be thinking about charitable giving.

Your Pleasant Ridge Community Council is a registered 501(c)3 charity and as such, donations are not only deductible from income taxes, but also can be matched by many employers.

We are 100% supported by donations (and a dwindling annual grant from the City). Ridge Day was good for PRCC this year, but we need money to keep our forward progress on many issues.

Of course, in addition to financial, there are many ways we can all help Pleasant Ridge, donating is just one……

Everyone who volunteers,
everyone who shops in the Ridge,
everyone who supports a Blockwatch,
everyone who reports a crime,
everyone who picks up a piece of litter
and everyone who just helps out a neighbor in need,
are all making our Pleasant Ridge what it is…..worth the investment.

Happy Holidays

Bill Frost,
President PRCC

New IDC for Pleasant Ridge

Most of us will recall the flurry of activity in 2012 where we learnt of an imminent threat to our Business District. This led to the creation of the ‘IDC overlay’ that was placed over our business district to allow us time (without the threat of ‘surprise development’) during which we could define and create an appropriate Long Term response.

Under the previous City Council Leadership, the drive was to have communities adopt ‘Form Based Code’. In the past 12 months we had moved close to the final steps in adopting Form Based Code in the Pleasant Ridge Business District. However, the IDC was due to expire at the end of June 2014, leaving us open to the risk of unwelcome developments before we could complete the process.

To avoid this ‘exposure’, the Pleasant Ridge Community Council and the Pleasant Ridge Development Corporation have been working with the new City Council, and we are pleased to announce that yesterday, the City Neighborhoods Committee voted unanimously to approve a new IDC for Pleasant Ridge Business District. This vote was the result of several face to face meetings with the New City Leadership, including Vice Mayor Mann and Mayor Cranley and their staff, plus very active support from the City Planning Department and continual boosting from your Community Council and Development Corp.

The new IDC, which is initially for 90 days, can be extended incrementally up to 2 years. Our activity as a Community now needs to be the selection and adoption of an appropriate Code that will allow us to be a welcoming site for developers, whilst retaining the ability to actively avoid any ‘unwelcome’ developments.

We in PRCC & PRDC believe this is a major win for us. Not only have we eliminated a very real risk, we have developed strong relationships with several key members of City Council along the way.

We ask that in the oncoming weeks and months, you each participate in the workshops and meetings that will be part of the creation and adoption of our ‘Form Based Code’ or any alternative process that we as a community select.

Bill Frost, President PRCC
Jason Chamlee, President PRDC

Neighborhood Safety:

Here are some ways you can help keep our neighborhood safe!

Pleasant Ridge currently has 40+ streets that are without Block Watches. If you’d like to step up as a captain for your street, please speak up! This is an easy, low commitment way to get involved in the neighborhood, meet some of your neighbors, and help keep PR safe.  More information can be found here.

Citizens on Patrol is also seeking volunteers. Citizens on Patrol is a volunteer organization overseen by the Cincinnati Police Department. Volunteers patrol their neighborhoods, acting as the eyes and ears of the police. Patrols concentrate around problem areas aiding police by increasing visibility. COPP units deter crime by their mere presence and visibility to the general public.  More information can be found here.

If you are interested in helping, please get in touch!

Bill Frost— (Safety Committee)
Don Trummel— (Block Watch)
Valerie Kulhavik— (Citizens on Patrol)
CPD Non-Emergency—513-765-1212
CPD District 2—513-979-4400

This website is still under construction.  Please bear with us as we continue to organize and add new information to the site. Be sure to check out the new Blog page.  New articles will be added regularly.  Have a suggestion about what should be added to the site or an article you’d like to submit?  Let us know!


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